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             Hello !💕 to all lovely readers out there,so here you go an informal introduction of myself,I started very young and as far as I remember ,must be hardly 16 ,when I got my first local palette and by the time i was touching 20 , I was actually quite good at doing makeup or you can say a makeup addict going crazy for a new look each time she is getting a chance and trust me even when I was not all that great at makeup, I used to feel that I am an artist. When I really become a makeup frenzy ,my dear younger sister Cmab  was like , you should start a blog of your own .' It would be something , I would like to do when,I was starting my very first job as a makeup artist.

               I gained further interest and jumped to do a degree as a beautician with Mussarat Misbah from Depilex, Sant'e International and gained wonderful training in my home country .One fine day , I got a chance to come across a fashion show and met Athar Shehzad and to my surprise next I knew I joined them. I was so happy as a new era opened in front of my eyes seeing the Makeup Gurus like them working on Fashion Diva's of our TV and fashion Industry .

               To all who want to know me up close & personal , I am an MBA in International Marketing & Advertising .I also unwillingly , worked in the financial markets for many years and in evenings would leave work early make excuses with my line managers and just go do makeup on my sisters, family and friends and any one , who I came across ! who wanted to look nice and go out . 

             The Middle Eastern culture in UAE has really given me a very big platform here in terms of recognition and work prospects .Here in a cosmopolitan world , I personally got to meet many makeup artist from all around the world doing fashion shows , stage  & drama makeup . Freelancing in Dubai as a Makeup Artist has given me hope and more desire to keep doing and never end the struggle which I am so passionate about .I feel that the concept of freelancing is mind blowing in the UAE Market and has tremendous amount of scope.

              I am a certified experienced Makeover Expert, with twenty years of expertise in beauty line .I specialize in day ,party & evening glam looks plus my expertise are in bridals, makeovers and celebrity inspired looks and did my certificatigon from Depilex International with the great Mussarat Misbah  .I personally believe that,one should follow what the heart desires and besides following the heart ,also be extremely,madly , passionate enough to achieve those desires .

          Personally ,I would really like to thank , my lovely parents specially my dad ,who has always supported me wholeheartedly ,in following my dreams always.Thank you papa and I specially thank you to the ones who love me and my my makeup artistry and have supported me always .My very special thanks to a very dear soul, someone who has always being there for me and encouraging & supporting me.Ladies , I would request you all to all to join my beauty blog : Glamour Beauty Bloggers.



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